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Past Webinars

Links to past webinar panelists and recordings

Shale Reality Check: The Need for Realistic and Transparent Oil & Gas Analysis

This webinar was held in collaboration with Stop the Frack Attack and the Post Carbon Institute, and featured four leaders to speak on Post Carbon Institute's newly-released reports (authored by earth scientist J. David Hughes) assessing the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s most recent projections for domestic tight (“shale”) oil and shale gas production. Frontline leaders also shared insights on managing gas lease requests as well as handling the new Trump administration's climate change policy.  See recording here.

Funding the Frontlines

This webinar was co-organized with Stop the Frack Attack and featured four Leaders, all recipients of Mountain Watershed Association's Direct Support Fund. The webinar focused on alternatives to traditional forms of funding and exploring new funding models (crowdfunding, dispersed grants) to aid local and regional work against the harms of fracking. See recording here.

The Collision of Private Interests and Oil & Gas Regulations

This webinar was co-organized with Stop the Frack Attack and featured four Leaders who presented on a range of expertise on a variety of tactics from from investigative journalism to petitions and direct action and addressing regulatory capture among oil and gas industry and state and federal regulatory bodies. See more information and access the recording here.

The Health Harms of Fracking
This session focused on the latest research and findings in the field about the health impacts of fracking. The panelists shared examples of impacts found in research and in the field, as well as ways these impacts can be used in organizing efforts. See recording here

Direct Support for Those Harmed by Fracking
This webinar featured three Halt the Harm Network Leaders, who discussed support services they provide that directly help those harmed by the impacts of fracking, as well as how to access the support. Services featured were Mountain Watershed Association’s Direct Support Fund and Friends of the Harmed’s Shalefield Stories. See recording here.

The Advocate’s Toolkit: Resources for Tracking the Harms of Fracking
This webinar featured three experts who discussed tools they work on and ways people can integrate these tools into their work. See recording here.

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